Nikon D7200

A bit disappointed with the spec on the D7200. The world is talking 4K and Nikon’s newly-announced DX flagship DSLR still compromises on 1080p (60/50p in 1.3x crop mode). I guess it makes sense that manufacturers would not throw big bucks into developing pro and enthusiast level APS-C DSLR’s these days: Mirrorless  cameras are closing in from the one side and more affordable full frame DSLR’s from the other.


Blue troll


A pen doodle I decided to colour and shade in ps.

It is of a Blue Troll. Their skin is actually pale gray as they always abide in their dungeons, out of any sun. However, those few who have seen a blue troll and got away to tell about it, described them as having a blueish colour. This likely because in the dim light the skin may have appearedt o have a pale blue-gray colour.

Minutes of the meeting -_-

These are doodles I made during boring meetings.